Campbell Hausfeld 115v Mig Flux Welder

Campbell Hausfeld 115v Mig Flux Welder

Campbell Hausfeld 115v MIG Flux Welder is a powerful and great welder for light welding projects. This welder machine is suitable for welding tasks undertaken around the shops and homes.

Campbell Hausfeld 115v MIG Flux Welder does not require any additional parts, so you can start working on your work-pieces in your work station right away. Following are the best features of the Campbell Hausfeld 115v Mig Flux Welder:

1. Heat Settings:

There are four heat settings of the 115v Mig Flux welder. You can choose from these heat settings to set up your machine for the specific task. Welders must select a specific heat setting to match a particular thickness.

2. Thermal Overload Protection:

The welder has thermal overload protection, which activates to protect the work-pieces against overheating. It prevents the heat from damaging your work-pieces by turning off the welder machine automatically.

3. Smoother and Beautiful Weld:

Campbell Hausfeld 115v Mig Flux welder offers infinite wire speed control, which allows for exact adjustments. Perfect adjustments help in laying the beautiful welding beads on the work-pieces.

4. Trigger-activated Feature

Campbell Hausfeld 115v is equipped with the Triggeractivated feature, which enables you to start welding with great convenience. So, it is the best choice for beginners and novice welders.

5. Good Cable Length:

It has a ground and weld cable length of 08 feet. You can work easily with the Campbell Hausfeld 115v mig flex welder. Welder machine also has adjustable and consistent wire feed for the beautiful and smoother weld.

6. Sturdy and Powerful Welder Machine

Campbell Hausfeld 115v welding machine is made of the sturdy top-quality material. So, the welder machine looks gorgeous and lasts you long for a good many years.

7. Ready-to-Use Machine

It has built-in valves and gas liner; no additional parts are required to operate. It is MIG ready, so you can start working on your projects right away.

Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 Welder Reviews

Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 is one of the best quality products that you can boast in your collection of welding machines. It is a non-gas and flux core wire welder, which is the most suitable for the beginner. Campbell Hausfeld wg2160 suffices the light projects, as it cannot work well in heavier projects.

This welder machine is used for welding thin sheet metals. Some of the most amazing features of the Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 are given below:

Requires Low Input Voltage

Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 can run well on a low-input voltage of 115 volts. It is a standard house welder machine. So, you do not need any extra power outlet for operating the Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 welder machine.

No-Gas Welder

Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 uses the flux-cored welding process to join the metals together. So, it does not need any gas shielding.

Constant Drive Feeding for Smoother Work

It has a drive deck transformer, which allows you to weld any work-pieces smoothly and independently. The transformer feeds the wire at a constant speed. The best result of this feature is that it allows you to lay beautiful and smoother welds on the work-pieces.

Crisp Trigger for Electricity

This unit consists of an electricity trigger. The current will not be passed to the gun unless the trigger is turned on. This feature also reduces the chances of occurrence of any flash burn accidents.

It is a Portable Welder Machine.

This is a lightweight and portable welder machine. This welder machine only weighs around 48 pounds. So, you can carry it around easily from its handle.

The Welder Machine has Thermal Overload Protection System.

This welder machine is equipped with the thermal overload protection system, which prevents overheating and damage to the work-piece. This feature allows the unit to shut down automatically when the system overheats. Campbell Hausfeld Wg2160 welding machine restarts itself after cooling down, causing no trouble to the homeowners.

Additional Parts Are Included.

The welder machine is packed with additional parts such as contact tips and torch.

Affordable Unit

This is one of the most affordable units available in the market. Wg2160 is designed for beginners, so they hesitate in investing a welder machine. Therefore, the welder machine offers quality for beginners with its low-range options and affordable price.

Who Makes Campbell Hausfeld Welders?

Campbell Hausfeld Company was founded in 1836, and it manufactured the farm equipment. In the year 1940, the Company had acquired the company of Joseph Campbell, which manufactured air compressors. So, the company was renamed as the Campbell Hausfeld Welders. In 1971, the Company was overtaken by Scott Fetzer.

Recently, the Company was acquired by the Marmon Group. It is headquartered in Harrison, Ohio. Its parent company is Berkshire Hathaway in 2020.

Is Campbell Hausfeld A Good Brand?

Yes. Campbell Hausfeld manufactures high-quality products, setting higher standards for other manufacturers to follow. Campbell Hausfeld also has industry-best experts and 186 years of experience to surpass its competitors. It offers best-quality air tools, spray guns, generators, winches, pressure washers, and painting systems.

Campbell Hausfeld Arc Welder 70 Amp

Campbell Hausfeld Arc Welder is a top-quality product, which helps in welding of the thin sheet metals. It is a great investment, which is rated highly by the professionals and the experts. It works well on the thin sheet metals that are 1/8 inch and 18 gauges thick.

Its limited amperage does not let you work on any work-piece. But, you can weld different thin structures such as wrought iron, boat trailers; automotive sheets, etc. with the help of the Campbell Hausfeld Arc Welder 70 AMP. Campbell Hausfeld Arc Welder 70 Amp is an affordable welder machine.

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Final Verdict

This is a versatile, high-quality, productive, and useful welding machine for beginners. It has interesting and powerful settings options. It is the best welder machine for light projects. Beginners can use Campbell Hausfeld Welder to learn welding with great ease and convenience.



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