Century 80gl Mig Welder

Century 80gl Mig Welder is one of the best welder machines, which is suitable for general metal repairs, auto-body repairs, machinery repairs, and building projects. Beginners can also benefit from the Century 80gl Mig welder machine to increase and polish their welding skills. It has a welding range of 5 to 88 amps, which means it covers a wide range of tasks.

Features Of Century 80gl Mig Welder

There are many useful features of the Century 80gl Mig Welder. They are given the following:

Heat Settings: This MIG welder has two heat settings.

Infinite Wire Control: The wire turns clockwise and anticlockwise, which makes handling the task convenient.

Material Thickness: It can weld from 18 gauge sheet metal up to 1/8 inch steel.

Safe-Cold Wire Design: The welder machine has a safe cold wire design, which means that arc will not be established until you pull the trigger.

Flux-Cored Welder: This welder makes use of the flux-cored process. So, the unit does not require gas shielding or gas regulators.

Reliable Operation of the Unit: The welder machine is equipped with the multi-insulated transformer, which ensures reliable operation.

Easy-to-Use Welder: it is an easy-to-use welder machine; just plug it into a standard outlet and turn it on. It can be operated easily.

Utility Projects: Century 80gl Mig Welder can be used to perform a wide range of projects with its fast and continuous-feed.

Are century welders any good?

There are many reasons to love this welder, but one of the biggest reasons to love this model is that it is compact. Large welders are used for undertaking large projects. However, there are a few times when you require something a bit easier to handle and carry around.

This is where century welders come into the picture. Century welders are compact, so you can easily move them around. You never have to worry about transporting the century welders. Without any struggles, you can transport it from one location to another.

Great Power in Small Package

Century welders have great amperage DC output, allowing you to get a smoother arc, sleeker performance, and stronger welds of 18 gauge to 1/8 inch on an average basis. The century welders are also equipped with an automatic thermal protector.

Century welders also have a 30% duty cycle, which means you are allowed to work without any big intervals. These features form a safety standpoint, which increases the longevity of the machine and helps you in attaining the best results.

So, century welders are the best units available for welding tasks.

Can You Cut Metal With A Flux Core Welder?

No. Flux-Cored Welder cannot cut a metal sheet, as flux-core welders do not do cuttings of the metal. For the perfect and proper cutting, you require a heavy-duty welder. Only heavy-duty welder machines can pull off the cutting of the large metal sheets.

Century 140 Mig Wire Feed Welder

It is an excellent welder machine for auto-body repairs. It works well on machinery or thick metal sheets. This is a welder machine, which yields higher results because of its high performance.

Features of the Century 140 Mig Wire Feed Welder

Following are the useful features of the Century 140 Mig Wire Feed Welders

Powerful and Accurate Welding: Century 140 Mig can weld 26GA sheet metal up to 1/4″ without having to do a double pass.

Smoother and Automatic Arcs: Century 140 Mig Wire Feed Welder helps in getting the smoother and automatic arcs.

Six Heat Settings: The welder machine boasts 6 heat settings, allowing you to get graceful and beautiful results.

Infinite Wire Control: The infinite wire control gives perfect and precise control over the welding process.

Accessories: The unit comes with the nozzle, tips, gas regulator, 10 Mig gun, and starter spool of wire.

Manual Book of Instructions: You also get a manual book of instructions, which help you in setting up and operating the welder machine.

25% Duty Cycle and Thermal Overload Protection: The welder machine has 25% of the duty cycle. So, the inner components of the welder machine are protected from damage with a built-in thermal overload protection system.

05 Years Warranty: Century 140 Mig Wire Feed Welder has 5 years warranty.

Century Portable Mig Welder

Century welders have great versatility, having high performance, good heat settings along with excellent wire control. But one of the most beneficial features of the Century Welders is that it is portable. Century welders are lightweight and portable Mig welders.

You can carry them around anywhere, and undertake smaller projects. Century welders are renowned as compact devices that perform highly well.

Century 255 Mig Welder

Welder machines join two or more metals together, forming a single solid piece. Stick welders use electrified arc flow between the metal and welding sticks to join pieces together. Century 225 Mig Welder is a unit, which works well for small business projects and professional projects.

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Features of the Century 255 Mig Welder

The amperage of the Welder: The Century 255 Mig Welder has 30 to 225 Amps so the unit is capable of welding a range of thicknesses.
Efficient Flux-Core Welder: This a flux-core welder, which welds 18 gauge sheet metals to 3/16” thick steel in just one go.
20% Duty Cycle: The welder machine has a 20% duty cycle, so it welds the metals at a continuous speed.
Thermal Overload Protection: 225 Mig Welder is equipped with thermal overload protection, which protects the inner components of the machine. As the duty-cycle is 20%, the machine works for 2 minutes out of 10 minutes. Then, it shuts down automatically preventing the welder machine from any kind of damage.


All of the models of the Century Welders are great units, which make your life easier. Century welder machines provide a great quality arc and last long. So, century welders are the great investments that serve and return for an extended period.

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