Chicago Electric Dual Mig Welder

If you buy Chicago Electrical Dual Mig Welder, you get the welder that you had paid for. With the Chicago Electrical Dual Mig Welder, you are capable of welding at home, in the garage, in the shop, and the job site. You can do both small welding jobs and heavy-duty welding jobs with the 120 or 208 volt/230 volts.

Dual Mig Welder is ideal for auto-body framework, sheet metal work, small shop applications, and home welding work. All in all, you get a welder machine that is sufficient for every welding job.

This is a hassle-free welder, which is most suitable for the beginners.

Chicago Electric Mig 170 Gas Hook Up

Chicago Electric Mig 170 Welder machine is ideal for the beginners. Beginners can work with the welder machine to polish their skills. This is a general-purpose welder machine, which has various beneficial features.

Features of the Chicago Electric Mig 170:

Flux-Core/Mig Welding Machine: Chicago Electric Mig 170 Welder Machine performs both flux-core and Mig arc welding. So, it can work with both electricity and gas.

Constant Voltage: The welder machine is provided constant voltage, so you can finish your projects on given deadlines. No breakage or outage of power disrupts the welding processes.

Welding Cable Along With a Gun: The welder machine is equipped with a welding cable of 06 ft. long with a gun. It provides the flexibility to the welder in different angles and positions.

Ground Cable with Clamp: The welder machine comes with a waterproof 6 ft. ground cable with a clamp. The clamp tightens the work-piece so that the welding is done properly.

Thermal Overload Protection: The unit shuts down automatically once the heat exceeds the limits. Thermal overload protection features protect the inner components of the Chicago Electric Mig 170 from melting.

Weld-able Materials: With Chicago Electric Mig 170, you can weld stainless steel, low or mild carbon steel, etc. This welder machine does not weld the aluminum material.

Hooking Up Gas with Chicago Electric Mig 170:

Chicago Electric Mig 170 comes with flux-core arc welding and requires gas shielding in order to work as fully-operational Mig Welder. Here is how you can add the gas shielding in a Chicago Welder Mig 170:

1. Equipment Required

There are a number of the equipment for adding gas into the Chicago Electric Mig 170.

Gas Bottle: If you are not intending to work on Mig a lot, you can buy a small gas bottle. Otherwise, you can go for a large gas bottle that suits your requirements.

Gas Regulator: Gas regulator is important equipment, which controls the pressure of the gas to the desired value. Gas regulators work like a resistor, a sensor, and a pressure setting at the same time. So, a gas regulator has a flow valve, a pressure sensor, and a controller. Gas regulator often comes with the welder machine. If you have not received a gas regulator, you can buy it at the local hardware shop.

Hose Clamp and Hose: A hose is a hollow tube, which is specifically designed to carry gas from one location to another. The hose clamp is a device that is used to lock a seal and attach a hose onto the nipple or bob. Hose is also sometimes called a small pipe, which helps in transporting the gas to the welder machine. Clamp connects the hose to the gas bottle.

2. Hooking Up Gas to the Chicago Electric Mig 170

Here is how you can hook up gas to the Chicago Electric Mig 170:

Connecting Gas Regulator with the Gas Bottle: First of all, you will have to connect the gas regulator with the gas bottle. The gas regulator must be fitted at an angle, from where the gas readings can be viewed easily.

Connecting Hose Clamps: There are two ends of the hose clamps. One end will be connected to the welder machine, while another end will be connected with a gas bottle. Before connecting the hose with the gas machine, make sure to screw the hose clamp tightly. Hose clamp must be tightened so that no gas leaks.

Turning On: You can start slow, and check if you have hooked up the gas accurately. Then, you can increase the speed and carry out your work.

How Many Watts Does A 90 Amp Welder Use?

A 90 AMP Welder machine is suitable for small welding jobs around shops, homes, and small business projects. 90 AMP welders is a general-purpose welder machine, offering a great number of benefits to the consumers. Its portability is an attractive feature, which finalizes the decision of most consumers.

Features of the 90 AMP Welder Machine:

Flux-Core Welder

90 AMP Welder machines are flux-core welding, using no gas for the welding. It is run on electricity.

Professional Gun:
90 Amp Welder machine is equipped with a professional gun, which is controlled through a trigger.

Cooling Fan:
In order to prevent any damage to the inner components of the 90 Amp Welder machine, a cooling fan is inserted inside the welder machine.

Dimension of the Welder Machine:
The welder machine overall dimension is 7”L x 13-1/2”W x 11-1/2”.

Wire Speed Control:
The 90 Amp Welder machine gives the precise wire speed control.

It is a lightweight welder machine, weighing about 33 lbs. So, it can be transported easily from one location to another.

Wattage Requirements:

This is a small welder machine, which can be run out of household electrical outlets. Many of the 115V generators require at least 15 Amps. But the 20A would be a lot better. So, by multiplying the 115 with 15, you get 1725. Thus, the wattage requirement of a 90 Amp welder machine is 1725 watts.

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Chicago Electrical Dual Mig Welder can be used to perform both small and heavy-duty projects. You can also hook up gas to Chicago Electrical Dual Mig Welder. 90 Amp Welder Machine requires 1725 wattage to run on electricity.

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