Harbor Freight 170 Amp Welder Mods

Harbor Freight 170 AMP Welder is a professional and versatile unit. It is a Mig/Flux Core welding unit, which works with and without gas. It has easy-to-use controls, which enables you to experience hassle-free welding. Harbor Freight 170 Amp is equipped with the inverter technology, allowing getting the better arc start. You can modify the unit to increase its performance.

Harbor Freight 170 Amp Welder is one of the most efficient welder units, but you increase its efficiency furthermore with a few modifications. They are detailed below:

Replacing the Original Wires

You must have previously witnessed welders not using the original wire. It is so because original wires do not offer the quality required for heavy projects. So, original wires are replaced with improved wires such as 36000 flux-cored wire.

Removing the Nozzle around the Tip

To increase the quality of your welding results, you need to remove the nozzle around the tip. You will use the welder machine for flux-cored welding processes. So, you do not need the nozzle around the tip.

Replacing the Ground Clamps

The original ground clamps are straight and useless. It is recommended that you must replace the ground clamps with tweco-styled ground clamp.

Replacing the Capacitors

Capacitors determine the efficiency of the performance of the welder units. 46,000 microfarad capacitors are sufficient to increase the performance rate of the welder units.

Converting AC Welder into DC Welder

You can use a bridge rectifier to change your welder into a DC Welder. DC is the most preferred style of arc welding, so AC welding will not get you highly-paying projects. With a little investment, you can increase the utility of your welder unit. With a 150A rectifier, a bleed resistor, and a bigger capacitor, you can turn your AC welder into a DC Welder.

How Do You Use A 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder?

Following are the instructions of usage of the 90 Amp Flux Wire Welders:

1. Work Area Instructions:

Keeping your work area uncluttered and clean: Work area, crowded with the equipment and dark benches, invite the accidents.
Beware of Explosive Equipment: You must not operate your 90 AMP Flux Wire Welder in the presence of explosive equipment such as flammable dust, gases, liquids, etc.
Keep the Human Distractions Away: There must not be children, visitors, or relatives around you when you are operating the tool. The distractions can cause you to lose control of your unit.

2. Electrical Safety Precautionary Measures

Avoiding Body Contact: You must remain cautious while operating the unit. Any contact with refrigerator, ranges, pipes, or regulators poses a threat of electric shock.

Plugs Must Be Rightly Inserted: All the plugs of the welding units must be perfectly inserted. You must never modify the plugs of the unit, at all.

3. Personal Safety

Operate If You Have Skills: If you are a certified welder, only then you can operate 90 Amp Flux Wired Welder.

Dress Properly: You must wear all the safety gear such as protective clothes, welding helmets, welding gloves, steel toe shoes, and welding glasses, etc.

4. Using the 90 Amp Flux Wired Welder:

Using the Clamps: Clamps help in securing and supporting the work-piece, creating a stable platform. Work-pieces should be tightly held together during the welding sessions.

Using the Right Project: 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder is suitable for welding jobs around the yard, house, or shops. You cannot use it for heavier projects. So, you must not force the tool to give out a high performance.

Settings Adjustment: You must adjust the wire speed settings and heat settings according to the task undertaken.

Current Switch: You can choose to set the current switch to the preferred setting.

Flux Wire Welder: After making sure that the switch is off, you can plug the flux wire welder.

Welding with 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder: You can turn the switch on while standing near your work-piece. You can choose to work on a specific angle or position, and lay a beautiful bead on the metal’s surface you are working with.

Learn mote the pipeline welders.

How Do You Hook Up Gas To A Harbor Freight Welder?

Here is how you can hook up gas to a Harbor Freight Welder:

1. Equipment Required:

Getting the Bottle: First of all, you must buy a small gas bottle from the local gas equipment store.
Hose and Hose Clamps: Hose is necessary to supply the gas to the welding machine. Hose clamps will fasten it to the unit.
Regulator: Regulator is joined with the gas bottle for the measurement of the gas. It must also be bought separately.
Mig Solid Core Wire: You cannot use gas with flux-cored welding. So, you must buy a solid-core wire.

2. Hooking Up the Gas to a Harbor Freight Welder

Connecting the Hose with the Welder Machine: There is a hole at the backside of the welder unit. Hose will be fitted here.
Screwing the Regulator: The regulator is screwed into the gas bottle. You must tighten the screw of the regulator, so that regulator is angled up in the right position.
Tightening the Hose Clamp: You must tighten the hose clamp on the bib of the regulator before you push in the hose.
Replacing Flux-Cored Wire: You must replace the flux-cored wire with solid-cored wire, as flux-core cannot run on gas.
Now, you are ready to turn on your harbor freight welder with gas.

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How does a flux welder work?

Flux welder works on the flux-wired welding principles, which is a semi-automatic or automatic arc process. Flux-cored arc welding is a welding process, which works similar to the Gas Metal Arc Welding process.

The flux-core method makes use of the wire, which consists of the inner core that produces shielding gas and fluxing agents – whenever the inner core is heated by the welding arc. Flux-core welders have a higher production rate, as they do not stop periodically. Thus, flux-core welders work.

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