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One of the best welders is the one that can weld in different welding processes as well as cut as the plasma cutter. These welders are called Combo Welder Machines.

Various processes of welding are combined, and one of the most common types of combination welding processes includes Tig, Mig, and Stick. Mig and the Plasma Cutter is the most common combo available in the market. With the combination of the Mig Welder Machine and the Plasma Cutter, welder becomes a full-fledged powerful welder for the professionals.

Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter Combo offer various advantages to the owners. They are enumerated below:

Advantages of the Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter Combo:

No matter what brand you buy, Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter Combo will offer you the following advantages:

1. Cost of the Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter Combo: A Multi-Process Welder is priced in the same range in which an individual stick, Mig, Tig or Plasma cutter is priced. By investing in the Mig Welder Plasma Cutter Combo, you will purchase the quality, quantity, features, and the power of several machines into one. This is indeed an attractive investment.

2. Space of the Welder Combo: A Combo Welder Machine saves you a lot of space. Instead of three to four welder machines, you only have to store one welder machine. This is a major advantage for the professionals who have smaller shops or need to carry the welder machines from one location to another.

3. Easy-To-Use Welder Combo: If you are a hobbyist or a newbie professional, you will find the Combo Welders as extremely convenient to use. Beginners end up appreciating the combo-functions of the welder machine. With Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter, beginners can switch from one process to another without requiring any rigs.

Can A MIG Welder Be Used As A Plasma Cutter?

No. A Mig Welder cannot be used as a Plasma Cutter. A Plasma Cutter utilizes the constant-current type of voltage, whereas Mig Welder only uses the constant voltage type. Also, the Plasma Cutter needs the generalized arc starting circuit so that it can create an arc between the electrode and work-piece before the cutting can begin.

In order to turn your Mig Welder into a Plasma Cutter, you need to make a lot of changes. For example, Plasma Cutters use high-voltage and high-frequency for starting the ionization of the gas. Most wire-feed welders are DC.

Some expensive models have AC. But the point is that the AC welders also do not possess enough frequency to start the plasma cutters. There may be solutions found, but considering the possible danger and investment of money and time, a plasma cutter must be bought instead.

Are Combo Welders any good?

Yes. Combo welders are known to perform the best welding jobs as well as plasma jobs. The Combo Welders provide the most reliable and smoother welding jobs at both voltages – with maximum welding thickness of 05/16th on a single pass or multiple passes at 240V.

Advantages of Combo Welders:

Combo Welders are better Plasma Cutters than the Welder Machines. Combo Welders offer the following advantages to the consumers:

1. Plasma Cutter: The Combo Welders have the potential to cut Maximum Ideal Cut of ½ Thickness, Severance Thickness of ¾, or Compact Plasma Cutter. Plasma cutters make use of the non-hazardous compressed air for cutting the various materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, etc.

2. Quality Welding: The Combo Welders offer easy starting of the Arc, beautiful welding shape and deep weld pool, adjustable hot striking arc current, smoother wire-feed, and constant voltage. Thus, Combo Welders offer high-quality welding features to its consumers.

3. Simple and Easy Setup: Combo Welders offer a simpler and easier setup. With turning a few switches, you can start welding. Similarly, you can switch to the plasma cutter in a simple process. So, Combo Welders offer convenience and easy-setup to the consumers.

Can you weld with a plasma cutter?

Yes. You can weld with a plasma cutter. Equipment is required, which will enable you to weld with a Plasma Cutter. A Nitrogen-Water Injection and Accurate Torch Design with other required equipment are required for welding with the plasma cutter.

Is there a welder that does MIG and TIG?

Yes. There are combo welders that can successfully carry out the Mig and Tig welding. The Tig and Mig Welder Machine offers the following features and benefits to the consumers:

i. Welding Different Materials: The Combo Welder, which can weld Mig and Tig welding, has the capability to weld different materials such as stainless steel, alloys, mild steel, copper, iron, copper, cast iron, etc.

ii. Compatible with Different Wire Feeds: The Combo Welder is compatible with different wire feeds such as solid aluminum wire, solid core wire, and flux-core wire.

iii. Synergic Controlled: The Combo Welder is capable of producing precise, fast, and clean arc ending and arc ignition.

iv. Smooth Wire Feed: The Combo Welders provide the smoother wire feed so that beautiful and even beads are laid out on the work-piece.

v. Automatic Compensation for Fluctuation of Voltage: The welder machine automatically compensates for the fluctuation of the voltage by providing over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, under-current protection, over-load protection, fan dormancy, automatic temperature control, etc.

vi. Advanced IGBT Technology: The Combo Welders are switched and different processes are selected. So, Combo Welders are equipped with the advanced IGBT Technology. The technology has featured wave-form of amp and volt.

So, there are efficient Tig and Mig Welders, offering a wide range of features to the consumers.

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There are combo welders, which offer Mig and Plasma Cutter into the same machine. With the same machine, you are capable of cutting as well as welding the material later on. The combo welders offer value for the money, convenience, and many other great benefits to the consumers.

A Mig Welder can be used as the plasma cutter, but it involves great danger. Combo Welders are the best price deal because you get four machines in a single machine. Whether you own a small shop or a large shop, you will find combo welders as very useful and beneficial.

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