Best Passive Welding Helmet – Reviews in 2021

Best Passive Welding Helmet

Best Passive Welding Helmet

For over the years, welders have opted for passive welding helmets. We know that passive welding helmets have protected the face and eyes of the welders adequately for an extended period of time.

When people go to buy a passive welding helmet, they notice it comes with a fixed shade lens and usually in number 10.

But this can vary from manufacturers to manufacturers and the helmet models.

Manufacturers generally make the passive helmet with standard glass. The glass has a coat of infrared and ultraviolet protection, which helps massively to protect the eyes from harmful rays.

Welders usually wear the passive helmet when they do the welding and take it off to see if the welding looks good.

Why should one need the best passive welding helmet?

Passive Welding Helmet

When it comes to welding, one should give top priority to safety. Welding is one of the most dangerous works and requires suitable safety devices.

One of them is the passive welding helmet. In this article, we will tell you some of the reasons why it is essential to have the best passive welding helmet.

Safety for the eyes

Welders know that welding can cause severe damage to their eyes. This is the reason they always opt for passive welding helmets.

The helmet helps protect the eyes from infrared rays that can cause retinal burn and cataracts. Also, these welding helmets come with ultraviolet protection to keep the eyes safe.

The helmets come in various sizes to suit the convenience of the viewing process.

Safety for the head

Apart from the eyes, passive welding helmets help to keep the whole head safe during the welding process. Excessive heat, sparks, and flying objects have the capability to cause serious injury to the head in the workplace. But if you opt for the right helmet, then all these problems won’t matter.

Product reviews of passive welding helmet

We have gathered some of the most excellent passive welding helmets on this list. This will help you compare various products and choose the one right for you.

1. Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Fiberglass Welding Helmet 

For the pipe welders, this is the best option. The Pipeliner Welding helmet is designed in a compact way to access tight areas that standard helmet won’t fit.

The helmet has SuperGlas Plus material that is self-extinguishing and helps to deflect sparks and splatters. The product dimension is 14 x 10 x 9 inches and weighs around 1.25 pounds.

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  1. The SuperGlas Plus Material has self-extinguishing features, lightweight, tough, and very smooth to deflect sparks.
  2. Impermeable to moisture and impact-resistance that helps to prevent cracks, splits, and chips.
  3. This product, specially designed for pipeline welders, can easily access enclosed and tight-clearance areas that regular stand helmets fail to access.
  4. The headgear comes with adjustable straps, which allows the welders to re-adjust as they move.


  1. Many customers complained about the odor of the helmet. Some stated that the helmet was spray painted. Due to this, the colors chipped off very quickly.

2. JACKSON SAFETY 46131 W40 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Halo X, Universal

When you chose the welding profession, it is important to give utmost priority to safety. The Jackson Safety W40 Insight Variable Auto Darkening welding helmet does the job fantastically with its high performing auto dark filters.

With the help of these auto-darkening shades, the welders can quickly adapt to the various working environment.

One can adjust the lens’s shade as well as sensitivity from the ambient lighting sources. The dimension of the product is 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs around 2 pounds.

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  1. People who don’t want to spend a lot of money can opt for the Jackson W40 welding helmet.
  2. Also, it has digital controls and lightweight making it an excellent choice for different welding applications.
  3. The lightweight of the helmet helps to reduce neck tension, and one can use it for the whole day.
  4. You can control the shade of the lens and adjust the sensitivity from ambient lighting sources.


  1. According to some customers, the hood of the helmet looks flimsy, and it comes with chipped color on the bottom.

3. Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Professional Hood 

Those who want to spend a moderate amount of money and get the modern design should opt for the solar power welding auto-darkening helmet.

The helmet comes with an auto-darkening feature. One can wear it for a more extended period of time due to it being lightweight.

The product has a dimension of 12 x 9 x 8 inches and weighs around 2.05 pounds. One can also adjust the headgear according to their liking.

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  1. The helmet is lightweight, and also oversized lens provides the user with a wide view and ensures comfort.
  2. The Solar-powered welding helmet comes with an auto-darkening filter that can switch from light to dark in .00004 seconds. This gives the users an idea about the quality of the product.
  3. Welders from various sectors such as automotive, food, and beverages, locomotive manufacturing can use this helmet for their safety. It provides high practicability.


  1. The battery does not last long, and one has to change it after a few uses.
  2. The auto-darkening does not work after a certain period of time.

4. Jackson Safety Durable, Comfortable, Hard Hat Adaptable

People who want to play safe and get not waste money should opt for the Jackson Safety Fixed Welding Helmet (W10 HSL 100).

Various people such as professionals, students, hobbyists can use this product for their safety. The narrow shell design provides the opportunity to work in tight space.

Also, it helps protect the throat as well. The dimension of this product is 1 x 1 x 1 inches, and it weighs around 2 pounds.

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  1. Welders who need to work in tight spaces should opt for this helmet. It has a narrow shell design and fits perfectly in tight areas.
  2. The Jackson Safety masks come with an extended front, which also provides safety to the throat. It helps to protect your face from sparks, fumes, slag, and other physical harm.
  3. It is hard hat adaptable and offers a large and clear view of the weld puddle.


  1. The product does not come with headgear, which makes it hard to use.
  2. Many users complained about the lens being too dark.

5. TACKLIFE Welding Helmet, Large Viewing Area(3.94 “x2.87”)

People who have a decent budget should choose the Tacklife welding helmet. The product comes with a large viewing area as well as four premium sensors.

It also switches very fast and gives accurate auto shading. The dimension of this auto-darkening helmet is 11.81 x 7.87 x 9.45 inches. It weighs around 14.1 ounces.

It also comes with a built-in switch to change from welding to grinding without having to change or open the helmet.

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  1. The helmet comes with a three-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter, which helps to protect the eyes. It has passive filters that help with UV and IR.
  2. Apart from the eye and head, the helmet also protects the neck of the welder.
  3. One can turn up or down the headgear, which prevents any fatigue to the welder’s head or neck.
  4. This product gives the best eye protection and switches easily while providing auto shading within a fraction of seconds.


  1. After using it for a few months, the auto-dimming feature starts to degrade, and changing batteries don’t work.

6. Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Tigerhood Classic Thermoplastic Welding Helmet

With the help of Tigerhood classic thermoplastic welding helmets, welders can get their job done in an easier way.

The lens comes with UV and IR protection to keep the eyes of the welders safe. This helmet is created in a way to prevent light leak and keep the head and eyes of the welders safe during the welding process.

The dimension of this product is 14 x 10 x 9 inches. The helmet weighs around 1.25 pounds. Being this lightweight, welders can wear the helmet for a longer period of time.

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  1. Made with thermoplastic Noryl, this helmet can resist a high level of heat without any problem. The shape helps it to protect the head and eyes of the welders from sparks and splatters.
  2. The helmet comes down to the throat to protect that part as well from sparks, splatters, and fumes. Having a curved design help to protect both sides of the neck.
  3. The telescopic lid flips up for the welders to check the progress of the work.


  1. Few customers complained about the tension mechanism not working correctly, making it harder for the users.

7. Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Antra welding helmet comes with passive filters and permanent shade 13, which helps to protect the yes of the welders from UV and IR.

It is very lightweight, and welders can wear the helmet for a longer period. The dimension of the helmet is 9 x 9 x 12 inches, and it weighs around 1 pound.

For those who want to opt for a helmet that protects the neck as well apart from head and eyes should opt for this product.

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  1. Being this lightweight welder can wear this helmet for a long time. This helps to prevent any neck or head tension to occur.
  2. It protects the neck fully from splashes and splatters.
  3. It comes with super-fast switching time and great auto shading. This helps to reduce the stress of the eyes.
  4. The filters stay on for 10 minutes in the dark environment before going to sleep.


  1. The material used to make the helmet tends to get scars and scratches with little sparks.

How to choose a passive welding helmet?

Welding Helmet

Don’t just opt for a good looking helmet

When it comes to passive welding helmet, the utmost importance should be on the safety of the welder. We know looks matter, but buying a welding helmet just based on the look can prove risky.

Try to choose a welding helmet, which looks good and, at the same time, provide safety to your eyes and head. It is the best option to make a list of all the functions you want in your welding helmet.

Try to spend enough money but don’t overspend

When buying a welding helmet, it is vital to make a budget. We often tend to overspend beyond our limit to buy the best product.

It is essential to make a budget in the beginning and try to stick with it. This will help you look at a variety of options and choose among them, which will stay within your budget.

But don’t try to save money and opt for a bad product. Most of the time, cheap products tend to create a safety hazard, and one should pay proper attention to safety.

 Give importance to the auto-darkening feature

Most of the time, users avoid giving proper importance to the auto-darkening feature of their welding helmet. When people don’t opt for a helmet with this feature, it can cause serious harm to the eyes.

Ensure your lens has UV and IR protection to keep your eyes safe when you opt for welding.

Also, when you choose for auto-darkening lens, one does not have to worry about snapping a helmet in place.

Buying guide of the finest passive welding helmet

Passive Welding Helmet Buying Guide

When choosing the top passive welding helmet, one should keep a specific aspect in mind. One should compare various features before opting for their passive welding helmet.

We have gathered a few points in this article to help you decide which passive helmet to buy.

  • Comfort

Comfort plays an important role when choosing the helmet. When one does welding, they require a helmet that will provide comfort so they can focus entirely on the task.

But most of the time, people don’t get their desired comfort on their passive helmet. This has to do with the price as they tend to cost less, so the manufacturers compromise on comfort.

But if people search enough and choose from one of the products mentioned above, then they can get comfort at a low price.

The comfort depends on the headgear, the pads, and how it grips your head. Often the hood also determines the comfort level of the helmet.

Although one won’t get a perfect helmet but choosing something, which will provide comfort can make the welding experience better.

  • Lens

One can differentiate passive lenses from helmet to helmet. The lens often has two difference, shade, and size.

Most of the passive lens comes with a shade 10 factory lens. Welders have the option to swap them with different lenses. Make sure to opt for a bigger lens as it helps you to see correctly.

  • Helmet shape

It is essential to choose a helmet, which will fit your head correctly. If the helmet fails to fit correctly, then it can cause a safety hazard.

Also, one might find it difficult to weld when they need to adjust the helmet from time to time. One can find various helmet shapes; hence make sure to choose the one, which fits you the best.

User guide of most excellent passive welding helmet

The user guide for the top passive welding helmet is essential. When welders choose to buy a passive welding helmet, they want to use it for a more extended period of time.

One does not require the following strict manual to use a passive welding helmet. We have compiled a few tips to follow when using a welding helmet.

Daily care and maintenance

It is very important to keep your welding helmet clean. The passive welding helmet will come with a set of the user manual, which users can follow to take care of their welding helmet.

Make sure not to use hard and coarse clothes to clean the lens as they tend to leave scratch marks on the lens.

Opt for soft cloth or brush and a mild lens solution to clean the lens from time to time. Also, make sure to keep a pair of extra batteries handy for those situations when midway the batteries run out of power.

Remove the excess deposits

The lens tends to deposit excess particles and dirt over time. It is essential to clean it thoroughly, or else welders might face difficulty in seeing when they start to weld.

If one does not clean the lens, it can cause harm to the passive welding helmet. Use water and lens solution to clean the dirt and deposits.

Then opt for a soft brush or cloth to wipe the area gently. One should not use hard or coarse solution and brush as they can cause damage to the lens,

Look for loose screws

Welders should inspect carefully for loose screws in their headgear. If they find loose screws, then one should replace them immediately.

Or else this can cause a safety hazard. Check the user manual to see how to change screws in the headgear.

Top Features of the unsurpassed passive welding helmets

The best passive welding helmet comes with some of the top features. Welders will find most of these features in their helmets from top brands.

Let us now discuss some of the top features of the passive welding helmets.

Adjustable delay control

Most of the auto-darkening welding helmets come with this feature. Having this feature is very helpful as one can adjust how long the lens should stay dark even after the welding process.

With these features, the welders get extra time to rest and make sure their eyes don’t suffer from glares.

Although passive helmets don’t come with this feature, it provides support to the welder’s eyes. This helps to reduce the risk of their eyes being exposed to bright arcs.

Reaction time of the lens

Passive welding helmets come with a fixed number 10 shade. The lens provides enough protection to the eyes, so one does not require reaction time.

We know that most of the arc requires a 10 or less shade. For these reasons, welders opt for passive helmets as they come with shade 10.

People can also opt for the auto-darkening lens that can give enough protection to the eyes of the welders.


Auto-darkening welding helmets come with 4 sensors that give full coverage to the welder’s eyes.

On the other hand, passive welding helmets don’t come with sensors, but it maintains a consistent shade. With the help of 4 sensors, the helmet can easily figure out how dark it should be for the welder.

Variable and fixed shade

Most of the people opt for passive welding helmet as it comes with fixed shade 10. This is the most common shade required by the welders when they choose for welding.

Auto-darkening helmets come with variable shade from 9 to 13.

Why do we recommend those preeminent passive welding helmets?

We recommend these great passive welding helmets for specific reasons. Look at the benefits of using these passive welding helmets during the welding process.


We know that passive helmets tend to cost less amount of money than auto-darkening. For beginners opting for a passive helmet is the best option as it requires less amount of money.

One can get a decent passive helmet with $60, whereas auto-darkening helmets can cost hundreds of dollars.

Make sure to keep in mind that you would need extra money to invest in various shades of lenses as these helmets come with a fixed shade 10 lenses.

Extra parts

Most of the welders opt for a passive helmet because they don’t require any extra part. It is very convenient to use during the welding process.

One just needs the lens and a few lenses of various shades as they come with a fixed number 10 shade lens. For a different project, one requires a separate lens shade.

People can buy these shades at a low price. One can buy a variety of lenses for these their passive helmet at a very low price. By this, they can use a different shade for the different welding processes.

Good visibility

Passive helmets come with a clear view than auto-darkening helmets. This happens because it comes with a fixed shade, and it does not change.

As welders change the lenses manually, the lens tends to remain clear for a more extended period of time.


Passive helmets don’t require any extra parts such as batteries or sensitivity control; hence they tend to be lightweight. The passive helmets also sit well on the head and protect the eyes and head from sparks and splatters.

What is the clearest welding lens?

Welders who want to upgrade their lens should opt for a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, as they tend to deliver a perfect view and have the best quality lens.

Welders who have experience can easily tell the difference between the standard lens and 1/1/1/1 rated helmets. Having a clear view helps the welders to see more accurately that they can’t see when using a lens with impurities.

What is a good cheap welding helmet?

Welders should look for specific aspects when choosing a cheap helmet. Although people might think cheap welding helmets don’t have good features, but they do.


The weight of the helmets plays an important role. Those who indulge in welding for an extensive period should choose a helmet that does not weigh much as they can wear it without any problem.


The headgear should give comfort. If one does not achieve the required comfort, then they tend to lose focus from work.


Although the helmet might cost less amount but make sure it protects your head from any safety hazards.

Are all welding helmet the same?

People can find various types of welding helmets available in the market. They are:

  • Passive welding helmets
  • Auto-darkening welding helmets
  • Solar-powered lens helmets
  • Battery Powered helmets
  • Fixed shade lens welding helmets
  • Variable shade lens welding helmets

But among these people mostly prefer passive welding helmets. Welders need to change the lens manually for the passive helmet; hence they tend to stay clean.

And they also cost less amount of money. Welders can wear passive welding helmets for a more extended period of time as it does not require any extra parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which is the correct lens shade that I should use for the welding helmet?

Most of the people think that lens shade number means the amount of protection they will get in their eyes.

Hence they believe the higher the lens shade number, the better it will be for their eyes. But this is not true as most of the lens protects the eyes 100% from harmful UV and IR.

The lens shade number shows the amount of darkness that each lens provides for the welders.

  1. Which should I opt for – fixed or variable shade?

Welders who always use the same arc welding process on the same material should absolutely opt for fixed shade. But most of the time, welders weld different types of objects, which consists of different materials, then it is the best option to opt for variable shade.

Variable shade can adjust the darkness based on the requirement of the welding process. With the help of variable shade, welders can lighten or darken the lens according to their choice, which they can’t with fixed shade.

  1. What features should I look for in my welding helmets?

It is essential to choose a helmet, which does not weigh a lot. Also, try to choose a helmet, which has a sensor bar.

Many of the welders try to protect their eyes and head but forget about the neck and throat.

Make sure you opt for a passive helmet, which covers your throat and neck and keeps you safe from splatters and sparks.

The helmet should have an adjustable headgear to keep the helmet in place during the welding process. Lastly, make sure you buy the passive helmet from a reputable manufacturer.

They will provide the best helmets, and it will last long.

  1. What do you mean by a passive welding helmet?

The passive welding helmet is a part of the safety gear required by welders to keep their eyes and head safe during the welding process.

Passive welding helmets tend to cost less amount of money, and it comes with a fixed shade lens. One has to change the lens to darken it manually.

  1. Which is the darkest welding helmet shade?

The most easily available darkest shade is 12. But one can get as dark as shade 14. But passive welding helmets come at a fixed shade number of 10.


Most people opt for the passive welding helmets as they are the most traditional helmets that welders choose for the welding process.

They tend to weigh very less, and people can wear it for a more extended time. Also, one does not have to spend a lot of money on it, so it is the best option for beginners as well.

Welders can buy various lenses for passive welding helmets at a low price, and they have to change it manually. This makes the lens stay clean for a long time, and it is also easier to use.

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