Best Pipeline Welding Machine [Reviews in 2020]

Welding Machine For Pipeline

Welding Machine For Pipeline

Looking for The Best Pipeline Welding Machine? Whether you are in the desert or the Alaskan ice, Oil and gas companies are going to avoid you for the pipeline set up or repairing.

The pipeline welding is one of the most challenging things, and the pay scale reflects that pretty well. Therefore, this has always been a pocket-friendly DIY project for the masses.

However, it is very important to find out the right tools to complete the DIY project easily and efficiently.

Hence, here in this article, we will talk about some aspects of the best welding machines worth the costs.

Top chart of the best pipeline welding machine

ImageTitleRatingCheck Latest Price
Forney Easy Weld 261
[Editor Choice]
4.4/5Check Latest Price
MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG4.5/5Check Latest Price
TIG-225, 220 Amp High-Frequency4.3/5Check Latest Price
Lotos LTPDC2000D4.3/5Check Latest Price
SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder4.5/5Check Latest Price
Lincoln Electric K2185-14.3/5Check Latest Price

Why do you need a pipeline welding machine?

There are many reasons for you to opt for pipeline welding machines. It can help you to save a lump sum of money that you were planning to spend on pipeline welding operations.

Check out some of such benefits that you can get from these welding machines for pipelines. So, check out the different benefits described below:


These welding machines for pipelines are one of the most cost-effective devices in the market. These devices help to complete your DIY projects.

Therefore, you don’t have to contact the experts always as you can easily complete your pipeline welding faster. Try it today.

Handy and effective repairs

You can repair a welded pipe more efficiently than the normal ones. It is because the welded pipes have screws in it. With welding, a repair can easily be made with a pipe in place.

This way, you can easily save more money with hassle-free repairing.

Working efficiency grows gradually with size

The labor you have to give to weld smaller pipes is almost the same. However, with most of the welding machines, the working efficiency gradually grows.

As the welding pipe’s size increases, the time taken for welding decreases.

So, here are some of the best welding machines you can for pipelines.

Reviews of pipeline welding machine

There are many pipeline welders available in the market. However, it is hard for first-time buyers to buy the best product from the market at the first chance.

Check some of them we have mentioned in this article:

1. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-I MIG Welder, 120V, Green

Forney is one of the best pipeline welder machine providers to the market. They are a well-recognized name in the market, and they have always provided what the market has demand.

The Forney Easy Weld 261 is just another example of the efficient machines Forney has delivered in the market.

This device is very easy to use. The 140 FC-I MIG machine will use 0.30; the flux core wire is a very efficient feature of this device.

This amazing device has infinite voltage, and thus the wire feed speed control has become one of the best entry-level providers.

The powerful 140 Amp output will allow you to weld mild steel up to ¼ in the plate. These rugged, portable welders are perfect for professionals.

This fantastic welder includes 8′ MIG gun, 8′ ground clamp, an integrated handle with torch wraps, and various other things.

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  • The device is portable that provides working efficiency to professionals
  • A mighty device that can do almost all welding jobs
  • The rugged machine has an all-metal case
  • It is very easy to use a machine that provides working efficiency for beginners


  • It is not for regular steel or stainless-steel uses.

2. MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG- Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

The MTS-205 is yet another incredible device to opt for in the market. This incredible machine can weld aluminum alloys, weld steel, mild steel, copper, stainless steel, and even cast iron as well.

The advanced IGBT technology with a featured wave-form control system is yet another fantastic feature users will get from this product.

The Synergic controlled, clear wire melting droplet transfer, precise, fast and clean arc ignition and arc ending with very few spatters are some more incredible features of this machine.

Using the higher quality wire feeding machine will ensure smooth wire feed.

The automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, over-voltage as well as under-voltage protection, overload, and over current protection features have made this machine one of the most loved machines in our list.

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  • This device provides over and under-voltage protection
  • The product will work efficiently with aluminum alloys, stainless steel, cast iron and more
  • The advanced IGBT technology is also another incredible feature of this device
  • It can also work with aluminum wire, flux cord wire and more


  • The MTS-205 does not come with gauges for gas-shielding

3. TIG-225, 220 Amp High-Frequency TIG, Stick ARC MMA Welder

This is yet another incredible device we have in our list of the best welding machine for pipeline. This TIG-225, 220 Amp High-Frequency TIG, Stick ARC MMA Welder, and it is one of the best things you can have in your possession if you are a professional welder.

This is an ideal high-frequency TIG Torch with stick/Arc welder. The HF start-easy is a great feature to have in your welder. This machine is very simple to operate with an LCD amperage display.

The advanced IGBT technology is also included in this device, making it a fantastic potent device to do your welding operation with.

The automatic compensation for the voltage fluctuation, over and under-voltage protection, and lot more. It makes the device one of the safest devices in our list.

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  • Multifunction TIG/ STICK/ ARC 2-in-1 welder
  • The advanced IGBT inverter technology is another incredible feature
  • The automatic compensation for the voltage fluctuation is another incredible feature of this device
  • Automatic temperature control, fan dormancy are other features


  • This device does not have a pulse control

4. Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter TIG

The Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Arc Plasma Cutter TIG Welder is one of the best devices you can find online. There is a lot of 10-50 Amp Plasma Cutter Current output.

The TIG Welder is yet another fantastic potent option for the clients. It is a very potent device with many different features included in it.

The Pilot Arc Torch will efficiently cut through the rough, rusty, and painted surface and will produce minimal slag.

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  • This device includes a plasma cutter that is one of the best things about this device you should know about.
  • The TIG cutter does its job quite efficiently
  • A portable handle makes the device even handier than it was
  • This device is easy to set up


  • No such cons found

5. SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder 140A Gas and gasless Welding

The SUNGOLDPOWER MIG Welder is another inevitable entry in our list of the best welding machines available in the market.

This multi-function 110/220V dual voltage DC IGBT Inverter MIG 140A welder is one of the best welders you will get in the market.

The Gas-less flux-cored welding and gas-shielded MIG welding are some of the best features available in this machine.

This machine will very potently serve all your purposes and will deliver the professional touch you seek in your welding operations.

The flux-cored wire and the solid core wire are some other handy features of this device. Opt for this incredible device, and you will never have to worry about your pipeline welding operations.

This incredible device has an adjustable wire feed speed and incredible welding current.

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  • It is one of the ideal products in the market for outdoor repairing
  • The rusty metals, farm, and road equipment repairing will become hassle-free
  • The MIG140 welder will have an adjustable wire feed speed and welding current as well
  • This device includes multifunction <IG IGBT Inverter technology


  • There are no gas lines in the device

6. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

This device is made in the USA. Lincoln is one of the most recognized brands of welders that you will find in the market.

Lincoln welders have always helped their customers when it comes to working efficiently and professional results.

These compact, portable, and lightweight constructions are one of the best things you can get in the market. The ideal welding mild steel is from 24 gauge to 1/8″ thick.

The compact, lightweight welder will make a great choice for the home, and pipeline repairs. You can also use this multi-functional device for different hobby projects.

The Cold Conductor Safety features are going to keep the welding wire electrically cold. The gun trigger is also pressed against the adjustable wire feed speed control welds well in both the cases of MIG shielding gas.

However, although this feature is included in the device, you have to buy the equipment separately.

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  • This is a very compatible, lightweight product you can have
  • The continuous wire speed is yet another incredible feature
  • It is ideal for mild welding steel that is 24 gauge to 1/8″ thick
  • There are much important equipment comes with this package if you opt it from Amazon


  • Using this device without gas will cause a lot of splatters

So now you know about the best welding machines, here are some tips for choosing the best pipeline welder in the market.

How to choose the best pipeline welders?

pipeline welders

pipeline welders

There are some critical aspects you should keep in mind while opting for the best pipeline welders in the market. here we have described some of them below, check them out:

Work efficiency

This is going to be the topmost aspect you should look into while opting for the best pipeline welders in the market.

There is no point in buying a machine so that you never have to call the pipeline welders if your machine wore out after a few uses. You should also give a close look at the working efficiency of the machine.

Cost efficiency

Your machine should also be cost-effective and budget-friendly. When you are opting for these welders, they should give you the professional working experience without spending money on the professional’s welders.

Hence, there is no harm in opting for these devices with an increased budget. However, don’t exceed your limits. Because all the welders are usually durable, and they will provide you great service for a long time.

Assessment of the nature of the metal

Usually, welding will be done on carbon steel. Carbon steel will have the ability to handle the excess heat that most of the novice welders may accidentally apply to the metal.

Therefore, it is compatible with the majority of the welding machines available. Choose your device carefully. Check out the different aspects of the device before opting for the one you want.

Buying guide of the best welding machine for pipeline


Now that we know about most of the aspects of choosing the best welders in the market, here are some more tips before you opt to buy the best welders for pipelines.

Check out these tips below to get the perfect product according to your convenience.


There are many devices available in the market. Some of them are TIG welders, some of them are better for MIG welding and so on.

Choose between them as per your convenience. However, some devices can do the TIG and MIG welding operations simultaneously.

These devices are also efficient for plasma applications as well. Therefore, it might be a better option for you to opt for these machines that provide efficiency in all the applications.


Some developers have developed some noise-free solutions for many gadgets.

However, some of them are still very noisy to work with. The welders are the ones coming from the later list.

So, you should be prepared for that when you are opting for the best welders. You may compare and opt for less noisy devices than the others.

Establishing ideal amperage

The cost of the best pipeline welding machine depends on the current they generate. When you are opting for the thicker metals, it will require more current.

However, to weld thinner metals, you will not need that much current. It is yet another very important aspect of getting the best devices that you will require for a project.

Keep all these things in mind while opting for the best welders in the market.

Analyze compressed gas requirements as well

This is yet another important aspect while you are opting for the best welders in the market.

Analyze the compressed gas requirements because some of the welders nowadays have such requirements.

Check out the official brand’s website of the welder you are opting for to know such requirements. You can get updates from the product description of the product on any online shopping website as well.

User Guidelines of a pipeline welding machine

pipeline welding machine

pipeline welding machine

As we know about some of the best welding machines for the pipeline, here are some of the most important aspects you should know before using these incredible devices.

Here in this article, we have provided you a generalized user guide of these different welding machines for pipelines.

Check out the tips below to know the tips you should know while using these incredible devices.

  • Never turn off the switch of the machine while it is already in operation, which may damage the circuitry of the machine.
  • Isolate yourself from both earth and workpiece to avoid major electric shock.
  • Always make sure that your working area is explosive free and completely non-flammable.
  • Always wear safety goggles while using these welders at work. Never work with these welders without the safety goggles.
  • The welding also produces fumes and gasses that can be hazardous to your health. Therefore, try to wear a mask as well as saving your eyes.
  • Be careful with the noise of these devices. Some of these welders are so loud that they can cause hearing damage for the worker. Always use earplugs at least to stay safe from this damage.

So, these are some of the things you should know before using these devices.

However, another thing you should keep in mind is that this is a generalized user guide, and you should check the user manual coming with the product you have opted for to know the best features and special user guidelines of the product. Therefore, read that carefully as well.

Top features of a pipeline welding machine

Top features of a pipeline welding machine

There are many features available in the market. In this segment of the article, we will talk about such amazing features that the top brands of pipeline welding makers have provided to its customers.

Almost all the Top brands make their products as the best one in the market. Therefore, they include many amazing features, and sometimes they also provide almost all the necessary equipment needed with their product.

Here in the list of the top features, you will see such examples. So, hang tight with us.


This is one of the best features you will get in the top welders for the pipeline. The versatility is unmatched in some welders.

Some welders in the market can very efficiently handle various jobs. You can try doing TIG and MIG welding as well as plasma cutting with some of these pipeline welders.

You can also cut mild steel of some specific measurements in the article as well.

Cooling system

This is one of the best features you will get in the top brands of pipeline welders in the market. This cooling system will ensure that your welder does not face over-heating.

This will ensure stable and durable high performance. This is yet another incredible feature of these welders.

Why do we recommend these incredible welding machines for you?

There are various reasons for suggesting these incredible welding machines for you. You can check some of the best benefits of having these incredible welding machines here in this article.

Cost efficiency

We all know how the experts of pipeline welding charge us for our works. Therefore, a lot of households nowadays are trying to do these projects by themselves.

You can opt for these incredible machines because they are going to be a one-time investment for you. Once you buy these devices, you don’t have to contract an expert ever again. Opt for it today.

Products come with it

Some of the top brands who were unable to add some more features to their welders are providing some offers that lure customers towards them.

They have a high demand in the market. These devices come in your house with everything you need to have to get your next DIY project started.

So now that you know about the benefits of using these features, here are some benefits of buying these devices from Amazon.

Why do we recommend buying these products from Amazon?

Here in this part of the article, we are going to talk about some of the best features of buying these products from Amazon.

We are going to talk about some such features of opting for this product from Amazon here in this article. Check them out below:

  • There are varieties of products available in the pallet of Amazon. They have made sure that none of their customers go back without getting the product they are looking for. Surely it gets out of stock at times, but Amazon refills its stocks faster so that all of their customers get what they want.
  • The very responsive customer service is yet another incredible feature you will get here. The responsive customer assistance team will tell you everything you need to know about a product. They will go as far as they can to help you.

These are some great features of opting for a machine or any other product or device from Amazon.

What kind of welding is used in pipelines?

There are various types of welding that you can use for pipelines. So, here is the list that we are talking about.

Arc welding

It is the most basic form of writing that most people learn. This type of welding requires a power supply so that it can create an Arc.

That Arc is used for the purpose of welding. Besides you will also need a welder and a welding gun fire Arc welding.

Metal inert gas welding

You can consider this welding to be the most common form of welding. In other words, it is also known as MIG welding.

In case if you are planning to wood aluminum and stainless steel, you must know that MIG welding is perfect.

Tungsten inert gas

Compared to other forms, it is a bit complicated. To be precise, if you are not an expert in welding, you should not opt for this process.

Acetylene and oxygen are the two types of gases which are used in this process. Both these gases are inflammable.

So while you are in this process of welding, you have to be quite careful. Or else there is a chance of unwanted accidents.

Is pipeline welding dangerous?

Well, safety is one of the most important things when it comes to welding. If you can take the proper precautions, it will be safe for you.

However, if you neglect the safety measures it may cause you numerous problems. Therefore, try to be precise when it comes to following the safety measures.

Therefore, to help you out, we are introducing you with some of the hazards that you should avoid while welding. So, here is the list that we are talking about.

Electric shocks

Electric shocks are the most common forms of hazards that happen during welding. Well, electric shocks are quite dangerous.

They not only damage some of the organs of your body, but it also causes death numerous times. Hence follow all the safety precautions while handling welding.

Gases and fumes

Another hazard that you may have to face is gas and fumes. We all know that over the exposition of these gases can cause numerous health hazards.

They consist of harmful metal oxides which are very harmful to your health.

Explosion and fire

We all know that welding creates a lot of temperatures. Besides they are also responsible for creating fires. Hence, you can understand that it is quite harmful.

Some common mistakes to avoid while pipe welding

Most of the time a lot of welders go through some mistakes while welding. And those mistakes not only hamper their work, but they also bring some unwanted accidents on the boards.

So, the best thing for you is to avoid those mistakes as long as possible. So, to help you out, we are introducing those mistakes to you. It will help you to avoid them.

  • There are a lot of cases where the welder forgets to grind the joint after accomplishing the plasma cutting. Well, it can cause burn-through.
  • Also, there is a possibility that you will forget to cut out as well as feather tacks. Tacking is one of the most significant practices that will help you to achieve your welding task. So, make sure not to forget cutting as well as tacking.
  • Well, it is not always good for opting for more shielding gas. We tend to think that more shielding gas will provide more protection. But that is far away from the truth. If we overuse the shielding gas it will cause numerous unwanted issues. For instance, it will suck oxygen into welding and increase porosity.

So, these are the mistakes that you should avoid.


What is the process of becoming a pipeline welder?

To become a pipeline welder, it is very important to know the process of becoming the best pipeline welding machine. The first thing that you have to do is to get admitted to an institution.

There, you can learn the actual process of welding. Once you come out from the institution you will become a professional.

Which welding process is best compatible with pipeline welding?

There is no specific welding process which we can consider as the best when it comes to pipeline welding.

There are lots of welding processes which you can consider to be the best. For instance, MIG welding, TIG welding, and Arc welding can serve your purpose when it comes to pipeline welding.

Therefore, you can choose your process according to your preference.

What are the tools that you need while doing pipeline welding?

There are several tools that you need if you are planning to do a pipeline welding. Some of the tools that you will need are- a welding mask, a pair of gloves, goggles, and a brush.

These things will help you to accomplish your welding easily. To be precise, if you can opt for these tools, it will help you to stay safe.

Besides, these tools will also help you to accomplish your tasks precisely. So, don’t forget to use these things while doing your welding.

Is it hard to do a pipeline welding?

Well, there are numerous welders who think that pipeline welding is a bit challenging compared to other forms of welding.

One of the most complicated things that you may have to face is the change of angle. It happens when the diameter of the pipe changes. So, you can understand that pipeline welding requires more skill compared to welding.

What are the features of the best pipeline welder?

Features are something that makes a pipeline welder amazing. There are various features that you will find in the best pipeline welder.

So, to help you out, we are providing you with some of the best features that will help you to choose the best welder for you. So, the first feature that you should check is the horsepower air cool engine.

Apart from that, the amperage of the welders is between 50-250 amps. Therefore, you can comprehend that they come with a considerable amount of power.


There are some of the best pipeline welding machines available in the market. However, it is not easy to choose the best devices for your next hobby or DIY project.

There were also no proper guidelines on the internet regarding this topic as well. Thus, we wrote this article to help our readers know about the important aspects of these welding machines for pipelines.

Opt for these incredible machines; we have suggested some incredible machines that you may want to opt for. Check them out now.


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